Wirelessly present your PowerPoint® and Keynote® slides, documents and videos with just your iPhone or iPad

Show your PowerPoint and Keynote files and documents on any web browser, TV or projector and control it using your device. Since viewers just need your simple URL to follow along, setup is a snap.

It's not often I test an app that leaves me inspired about its possibilities. That's been the case with Electric Slide.


Much simpler to use than a screensharing solution like WebEx.

Venture Beat

I love the fact that you’re completely 'unchained' when using Electric Slide – it’s the best presentation tool I’ve seen for the iPad.

iPad Insight

Electric Slide is a lifesaver for people who are frustrated with their current presentation tools.


Electric Slide will simultaneously simplify and revolutionize your presentation setup.

— Spirit Magazine

For most people who simply need a quick and easy means of getting their content on a big screen, it’s going to be hard to beat this app.

Inside Mobile Apps

Electric Slide promises to simplify the process of presenting with mobile devices


Present PowerPoint, Keynote and more with your iPhone or iPad


Upload files either from your device or via the web


Present to the meeting room TV or remote viewers - just provide your simple URL


You can also plug directly in to a TV or use AirPlay

Powerful Tools For Any Scenario

Content is synced to your device. Even without Internet you can present to a TV, projector, Apple TV or another iOS device

You can use Electric Slide with Airplay to broadcast your slides, documents and videos to a nearby Apple TV

Pair two devices running Electric Slide via Bluetooth (even without Internet) to control one device using the other

Participants on the phone can’t see what you’re drawing on the whiteboard? Snap a photo and share it in realtime

Need to point something out? Use the laser pointer tool for quick and easy annotations

Your Content, The Way You Meant It To Be Seen

Electric Slide preserves your PowerPoint and Keynote transitions, builds, animations, fonts and formatting, both on your iPhone or iPad as well as any web browser.

Electric Slide also supports many other formats, including Word, PDF and videos.

Not all PowerPoint and Keynote features are supported. Some transitions and animations may be omitted to optimize the experience in web browsers.

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